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Instructions to Record and Submit Your Video

All are welcome to submit a video for our virtual Choir and Orchestra to use on our first Sunday back to worshiping together in person. Our desire is for this to be a whole church worship experience. Share this with anyone you think would be interested in participating. This virtual choir and orchestra will air on June 7th in our morning worship services. 


We moved the deadline up a few days so that we can have this video ready for our first Sunday back to worshiping together in the building! Please Please follow all the prompts throughout the playback video to ensure consistency of recordings.

Remember to sing/play out. All voices and instruments will be mixed to blend. No single voices will stand out. 

If you have any issues, please email Casey or Larry and they can help walk you through the process. 

2 Phones Recording Tutorial

 Vocal Recording Examples

Need Assistance?

What You Will Need to Shoot Your Video:

Device to play the Virtual Play/Sing-Along-Demo Video. (Example - Smart Phone, Tablet...)


Device to record to your video. (Example - Smart Phone, Tablet...)



Please Note: Record Video in LANDSCAPE MODE...

Before You Record...

landscape vs portrait.png

Pay Attention to your lighting. A good rule of thumb is to have more front-facing lighting than back-lighting. Facing a window is a great way to add natural light to your video.


***This Video will be part of our Virtual Choir and Orchestra on Sunday, June 7th... this video will be used for the Virtual Choir so you will want to wear what you would for the actual virtual choir video. .***

I think that is all the information that you need. Please follow the instructions on the Play/Sing-Along-Demo completely. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this project. I know this can seem complicated, but it's easier than it sounds. If at any time you need assistance, please reach out to us so we can assist you in recording your video. All that is left to do now is submit your video... and you can do that below.

Virtual Play/Sing-Along-Demo 

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